Brought to you by worldwide top-5 mobile game publisher Azur Games, its successful mobile gaming title has now been tailored to play and earn. The wildly popular game has evolved to Axes Metaverse, giving you the opportunity to duke it out battle royal-style with anyone brave enough to challenge you and earn rewards. Will you ace or get axed?

With over 30 million downloads across all platforms the original has definitely proven itself to be entertaining. Who said throwing axes at your opponents is no fun? The Metaverse is centered around Axes Hunters – playable NFT characters (heroes) that can be used in different game modes and can be upgraded or traded on the marketplace.

That’s right, Axes Metaverse has a lot more to offer than ‘just’ throwing an axe around in battle royal combat. The game will release with three different, but intertwined game modes and more is in the pipeline. So what’s in store?

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Axes Battleground is a massive online battle royal with up to 64 players in a single match. It’s the only F2P mode that’s accessible to anyone by making use of an off-chain NFT hero. They behave the same as an on-chain hero, but can’t be traded on the marketplace nor can they be used for passive token mining. Battleground is cross-platform and can be played either from desktop or mobile device.


Axes Team Tactics is a tactical RPG in which players can assemble a squad of heroes and send them to perform dangerous missions or fight PvP battles in the arena against squads of other players. Team Tactics is cross-platform and can be played either from desktop or mobile device.


Axes Kingdom Wars is a multiplayer strategy where players will fight for land ownership, build and defend castles, and establish resource extraction and production. War will happen because lands are coveted for their yield bearing capacity.

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Tied to the same universe, all Axes Metaverse games will share a common economy. Player resources earned in one game can be used in another. Train a hero in Axes: Team Tactics tactical battles, and then send them to the Axes: Battleground battle royale to crush your opponents? Easy! It’s one world.


Become a landowner
Get passive income
Upgrade your hero
Forge alliances
Complete quests
Buy & sell NFTs on the marketplace

asset ownership

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