Champions: Ascension Champions: Ascension

What we do in life, echoes in eternity. The inhabitants of the great city of Massina live and die by this crede. Life in the city is dictated by the grim interplay of blood and sand in its central arena: the Colosseum Eternal. Will your Champions gain eternal glory in brutal gladiatorial combat? Those who are about to die salute you.

Collect, train, equip and manage your own stable of brave and brutal gladiators. Nothing is more important than victory in the arena. Victory will earn you fame, glory and coin. The arena, however, is not the only place where you can triumph. You can experience visceral combat on diverse battlefields and dungeons in various game modes. Some will be AI-controlled auto-battles, while others require you to take direct control of your Champions.

In Champions Ascension you can enjoy both PvP and PvE action in this RPG for PC. Besides beating other Champions in the Colosseum, you can also use your Champion to explore. Be prepared to carve your way through various monsters and bosses who will try to prevent you from continuing your journey.  

Massina’s fantasy world is a violent one where only the strong survive. Nevertheless, you are the master of your own destiny. What you do, matters. Your actions have consequences and influence the world around you. You have to answer the question who you will become. Will you be a battle master, an ingenious alchemist or a rich Imperial business magnate?  

You enter the world of Massina by you choosing a House you will fight for. However, it’s entirely up to you who you decide to ally yourself to. How you will interact with the world around you and how you will react to the challenges you will come to face. Massina is a rich world full of shady taverns, elaborate games, adventures and political intrigue. The line between risk and reward is thin. Your choices will decide your fate.  

To get an edge over the competition you can upgrade the gear of your Champion by forging or trading. To forge new gear for your Champion you need to have blueprints, mine resources and spend in-game tokens to craft the gear from the blueprint you have chosen.  

Each Champion belongs to one of 12 Families grouped in 6 Classes of 2 Families per Class. There are also 7 Essences that each Champion gets its core power from. This allows for strategic gameplay, because you have to be careful to which opponent you match your Champion of choice. For example fire beats wind, beats earth, beats water, beats fire, so you have to choose wisely. Now you are ready to enter the arena… 

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