Be the first to get to know these adorable little creatures called Chibi Dinos. There are a total of 10.000 unique and collectible Chibi Dino with varying rarity and traits. These NFTs tie real world perks to gameplay centered around a 3v3 basketball game where you compete with other players. As a courtesy of NGG you can now apply for exclusive scholarships and get rewards. 

By obtaining a Chibi Dino you can participate in one of the first blockchain basketball games ever. And that’s not all. Chibi Dinos provides you with three separate but intertwined games modes, allowing for a host of options and hours of fun gameplay, earning you coin.

Leveraging an extensive network of athletes and partnerships Chibi Dinos aims to be a first mover in the collectible NFT, sports and e-sports markets. To that extent the developers integrate personal real world perks in the Chibi Dinos such as discounts and exclusive access. The higher your Chibi Dinos IQ, the greater the perks. IQ is not only important for the Dinos’ performance on the pitch but also makes it easier to achieve legendary status, in turn getting you better rewards. So now let’s turn to the gameplay options.

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Predictive Game

This is a truly innovative and unique concept. Chibi Dinos’ partnership with GameOn now offers players the opportunity to win tokens by predicting the outcome of NBA or other basketball matches. Even more exclusive rewards are on the table.

Primal Hoop

This is what’s it all about. A 3v3 arcade style basketball game that will test the skills of your 3D Chibi Dino against other players. Primal Hoop will feature a dynamic stat aggregator and allows special Dino moves earning you tokens as reward when you win. Fast paced, exciting and competitive. Are you ready to test your skills?

Chibi Adventures

If you want to level up your Dino, this game mode is a must. Not only does it explain the lore of the game by letting you explore Planet Hoop, but this RPG style adventure gains you XP points making your Chibi Dino more competitive. By completing quests you defeat villains, develop your skill tree, get rare gear and hatch eggs. It’s a great way to speed up the pursuit of your Dinos legendary status, helping to crush your competition on the pitch.


Collectible genesis NFTs
Real world perks
Exclusive access
Unique gameplay
Token Rewards
Hatching, trading & training Chibi

Asset Ownership

We believe in games that bring something new to the table – Games that break the mould and provide both fun and lasting value. In-game assets you grind and play for should be truly yours, giving you real life ownership of your piece of the game. This is why we work exclusively with games that can offer this.

NGG Pro-Gamers

Once professional gamers could only earn money by participating in competitions – Those days are gone. We believe in recognizing and promoting skill and want to align ourselves with the best and most promising gamers. NGG has acquired the best arsenal of assets that our partner games have to offer and are looking for the best players to play with them. This gives our NGG Pro-team the opportunity to earn money and rewards, helping them to grind their way towards asset ownership.

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