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Infinite Arcade is the one-stop-shop for gamers that enjoy having a large collection of casual games at the push of a button. The platform makes it easy to access hundreds of awesome casual games, that even let you earn a buck. Killing time has finally become profitable.

Become a scholar

There are several ways in which you can make use of the Infinite Arcade ecosystem, but everyone of them begins with the ownership of an Avatar NFT. If you don’t have one, you don’t have access to the platform. Lucky for you, we can provide you with anything you need to get started, including an Avatar NFT. Once you have your Avatar you will be able to play and share games with your friends.

When you get your hands on an Avatar NFT you will never have to be bored again. Infinite Arcade’s game library is like the universe itself; it’s big and it’s expanding. Among the many hyper casual games there’s something to everyone’s delight such as brain games, skill-based games and relaxing games. Try for example Sort Blast 3D or Rope Rescue. You will be hooked.

You can also up the ante by participating in tournaments. Compete and test your skills against other players. Not only is it fun, but you wil also earn more.

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Play & Earn

To earn money by playing Infinite Arcade, you need a NFT. And we’ve got you covered with our Infinite Arcade Scholarship program. As a NGG scholar you’ll receive a NFT from us for free, so you don’t have to invest in it yourself and you can start playing and earning without any hassle today. You’ll pay a commission of the money you earn to us in return. If you’re not so familiar yet with most of these terms, don’t worry! We provide support from A to Z. Scroll down : )

We have 3666 exclusive scholarships available.
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Interoperable SDK
Hundreds of games
15k Game Studios
10M+ gamers
Create your own NFT
Become a stakeholder

Casual Games

Infinite Arcade is a gaming platform built to launch the casual game industry into the metaverse. The games on the platform are all casual – easy to play.

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NGG Support

Terms such as Discord, NFTs, crypto and metaverse might sound new to you. We understand that and want to make our games accessible for everyone. Here you can find our Infinite Arcade FAQ, and here you can find our dedicated YouTube channel that will guide you from A to Z.

Our content creators are currently working hard on supporting videos from ‘How to get started’ until ‘How to cash out’. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and make sure you don’t miss out.


Become A Scholar Become A Scholar

We believe in a world where everyone can earn money by doing what they love. Become part of a like-minded community where you can enjoy the casual games that you like, earn money, get tips & tricks, and chat with active fellow gamers.
Get your NGG scholarship today and start playing.

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