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Myria is your single access point for all things gaming. This gaming platform aims to offer you a myriad of options in an ever expanding catalogue of games. Whether you love racing games, shooters or enjoy management type of games, Myria has got you covered.

The founders of Myria Studios are veterans from industry giants such as Ubisoft, Activision, EA and Riot, which is immediately apparent in the quality of the games on the Myria platform. Some of their games even evoke that nostalgic Nintendo feeling. A major difference, however, is that you can now earn tangible rewards by playing the games you so love.

Take for example the game Metakart, which feels like a tribute to the all-time classic Mario Kart. Blasting the competition of the track by using power-ups or cutting that corner by drifting your kart past the competition or any other crazy stunt you may think of; it’s all in the game. There are numerous game modes and options to end your competition in this lawless racing game.

Metarush is another hilarious game on the Myria platform that is best described as the web3 version of Wipe Out. Bounce, tumble and bowl through wacky landscapes using bobble-head characters to reach the finish line first.

Myria studios also brings us two distinct shooters. Block Royale is a traditional Battle Royale game, which you can enjoy with friends or alone. Across the map you can find power-ups to overcome your adversaries, but you can also build combat facilities that boost your chances of winning. You can choose from several warrior classes that fit your playstyle best.

Starstrike Legends, on the other hand, is an FPS in which the attacking team must activate a bomb in order to win. Matches revolve around two teams of five that compete to win. Each character you choose has its own unique abilities, so choose wisely.

Then there’s also Moonville Farms. Easy to play, but difficult to master. The goal of the game is to lead your own industrial revolution. In order to achieve this you have to go about carefully to determine the types of resources and production opportunities you need. Gameplay is tournament based and at the end of each tournament, the competition is reset.

What makes the games on the Myria platform extra interesting is that the games are interoperable. This means that any cosmetic item you find within the Myriaverse can be used interchangeably amongst games. Stay tuned, because more is coming.

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