Gunzilla Games presents Off The Grid (OTG), a new AAA Battle Royale 2.0 third person shooter set in a dystopian cyberpunk future. This is brought to you by a veteran team of such giants as Olivier Henriot (Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, For Honor), Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon), Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie) and many more. Are you excited yet?

Dive into the heat of a covert corporate war in Off The Grid, a cyberpunk Battle Royale 2.0 where you shape the story and the gameplay. Unfolding on a dystopian tropical island, OTG sends you on head-spinning assassination and sabotage missions to the greater glory and market share of your chosen faction. Tool up in 2023, it’s about to get bloody!

A Battle Royale like no other, OTG aims to evolve the genre through strong emphasis on narrative progression, giving players the freedom to control the story and impact the gameplay with each decision they make. Core to the experience and narrative is the unique way in which gamers can craft, customize, and trade their in-game items with each other. In OTG, players fight to survive the covert corporate battles of the future. Coming soon to PlayStation®5, Xbox® Series X|S and PC.

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Available for PC, XBox & PS
Craft in-game assets
Customize your character
Trade on the marketplace

Asset Ownership

We believe in games that bring something new to the table – Games that break the mould and provide both fun and lasting value. In-game assets you grind and play for should be truly yours, giving you real life ownership of your piece of the game. This is why we work exclusively with games that can offer this.

NGG Pro-Gamers

Once professional gamers could only earn money by participating in competitions – Those days are gone. We believe in recognizing and promoting skill and want to align ourselves with the best and most promising gamers. NGG has acquired the best arsenal of assets that our partner games have to offer and are looking for the best players to play with them. This gives our NGG Pro-team the opportunity to earn money and rewards, helping them to grind their way towards asset ownership.

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