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Discover the advantages of proof-of-gameplay. It’s a revolutionary mechanism in the way we perceive gaming. Proof-of-gameplay aims to harmonize developers and gamers, bringing them closer together, complementing eachother, and there’s something in it for you. With proof-of-gameplay you can now effortlessly monetize traditional games.

QUDO is a gaming network and a cryptocurrency for the gaming industry. It comes with multiple features, but QUDO’s main USP is a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism for games, where gameplay time, performance and finding bugs are rewarded with a cryptocurrency; QUDO. In other words by playing games, players are validating blocks that are worth QUDO. 

The QUDO team started development back in 2018. They envisioned a future where you can turn existing games into a play & earn model, bridging the crypto space to the regular gaming industry. Using this mechanism should incentivize players to spend their earnings across all adherent games – they have developed a Unity SDK – which is a great advantage to all. 

This becomes even more attractive when one considers the fact that QUDO will be launching interoperable NFTs in 2022. According to Unity’s own user metrics, about 3.3 billion devices have run games built on the platform in 2019 and Unity is the engine for about half of all games built across all platforms, including a majority of mobile games. 

What’s more, the team has disclosed its SDK will also support other engines in the near future. You don’t even have to worry running their plug-in will cost you a lot of extra processing power, because it’s sustained by the blockchain and setting it up is effortlessly done in about half an hour. 

Game developers are also rewarded whenever their game is being played. As they accumulate QUDO tokens, they will be able to hire affiliated services, like game asset providers, media content & coverage, 2D/3D assets, game development & art freelancing, among others.

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Unity SDK
Monetize traditional games
Interoperable gaming NFTs
Bug testing
Token rewards

Asset Ownership

We believe in games that bring something new to the table – Games that break the mould and provide both fun and lasting value. In-game assets you grind and play for should be truly yours, giving you real life ownership of your piece of the game. This is why we work exclusively with games that can offer this.

NGG Pro-Gamers

Once professional gamers could only earn money by participating in competitions – Those days are gone. We believe in recognizing and promoting skill and want to align ourselves with the best and most promising gamers. NGG has acquired the best arsenal of assets that our partner games have to offer and are looking for the best players to play with them. This gives our NGG Pro-team the opportunity to earn money and rewards, helping them to grind their way towards asset ownership.

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