Raven Quest Raven Quest

Collect resources, establish trade routes, manage your economy, build an empire, declare war and defeat your enemies. This is RavenQuest. The possibilities are endless in this rich MMORPG, that has been built based on the core principle of endless customization.

RavenQuest is Free-to-Play, but it definitely is not without reward. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur that strives towards world domination then you’re in the right place. You start by choosing a character, but contrary to most other games there’s no fixed class system. The game offers a customizable and endless build system: Archetypes.

There are eight of them, with each one having 18 unique spells. In-game you can have three Archetypes at the same time, allowing you to choose between 56 different classes and these can be changed any time.

Now you’re ready to discover the fantasy world of Ravendawn and this universe is something else. The way you conduct yourself in-game will shape your character and the world around you. This means that the RavenQuest realm is ever-changing, because next to you there are thousands of other players that affect the RavenQuest metaverse.

Around every corner there are choices to be made. Such as will you buy property? And once you have bought said property, will you till the soil or are you going to be an absentee landlord? Will you raid your enemies or offer your protection to trade caravans to get coin? Earn riches as a merchant yourself or pillage the seas as a pirate?

RavenQuest is a game rich with Player Versus Player combat. While PvP is avoidable for those who do not wish to partake, PvP offers better earning incentives through higher yield Tradepack routes & combat rewards.

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Endless customization
No loading screens
Player centered design
Long-term support
Craft, buy & sell NFTs
Passive income
Rich quest system
Dynamic political system

Asset Ownership

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