Shrapnel Shrapnel

Fasten your seatbelt and put your seat in the locked and upright position, because you may experience some turbulence. Now, meet Shrapnel. Brought to you by the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning development team of Neon Media, this PC first-person-shooter (FPS) will blow you away. Hailing from blockbuster franchises such as HALO, Call of Duty, Madden, Bioshock, Destiny, Star Wars, Hawken Skylanders, Westworld, they bring you Shrapnel.

Forget about traditional shooters. You’re looking at the face of the hammer. Shrapnel leads the vanguard of AAA shooters in the blockchain space. In the process of setting a new industry standard for play & earn games, it actually puts traditional shooters to shame through sheer creativity and innovation. Shrapnel is the world’s first FPS that presents players with a rich set of world-creation tools, combining combat, creation and curation, all community driven.

Considering that there is a strong connection to HBO, with several senior staff members hailing from the pay tv network, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the narrative has been wrought carefully and it distinguishes itself in originality. The game is backed by a comic book series and there are whispers of a tv series in the making. It would be huge, because Armageddon is upon us. 

‘In the world of Shrapnel, a massive asteroid called 38 Sigma has collided with the moon, causing lunar meteorites to bombard a 500-kilometer-wide band around the Earth. The area, which becomes known as the Sacrifice Zone (The Zone), is left uninhabitable and walled off from the rest of the world.  

The world speculates about what is being uncovered by the teams of paramilitary contractors guarding The Zone. Rumors swirl of a mysterious material called Compound Sigma that allows quantum mechanics behaviors to manifest in the classical physics realm. Nations and corporations begin assembling their own Mercenary Extraction Forces, or MEFs, to venture into The Zone. Chief among them is VELDACHA CORP. (V-Corp), a company that quickly corners the market on new technology born from these world-changing discoveries. Enter the players: MEF Operators battling in the bloody war for control over The Zone and its many secrets.’ 

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Expert modding tools
Create your own map
Monetize your map
Vote on the map of your choice
Stake tokens on maps, nodes & content
Passive income
Crafting NFTs
Buy & sell NFTs on the marketplace
Upgrade your weapons
Customize your character

Asset Ownership

We believe in games that bring something new to the table – Games that break the mould and provide both fun and lasting value. In-game assets you grind and play for should be truly yours, giving you real life ownership of your piece of the game. This is why we work exclusively with games that can offer this.

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