The Harvest The Harvest

Somewhere out there in the vast nothingness of space, somewhere far away in space and time, an extraordinarily radiant planet unveils itself. Its existance is known to many, but its location was hidden from the record of history. For good reason. It’s the only place in the universe that harbours the most coveted resource that ever existed. It goes by many names, but all know it as the essence of life. Now, civilizations from all accross the universe flock to this far away outpost. It’s time to Harvest. Become an agent of chaos and death in this MOBA shooter and collect the Essence.

Essentialism is the view that objects have a set of attributes that are necessary to their identity. According to the philosopher Plato all things have such an essence; an idea or form. His apprentice, Aristotle, suggested that all objects have a substance that make things what they are and without which they would not be those kind of things.

Historically, essentialism has been shown to have harmful or destructive results. Now, imagine the harm that can be done if one entity has total control over the essence of life. The levels of destruction would be unprecedented and unfathomable. The one that controls the essence of life can alter the fabric of reality.

This means that losing is not an option. Every civilization has delegated its most exalted heroes to battle to the death on the surface of the planet O’ree Jin in order to obtain its coveted Essence. You won’t be going in alone. These battles to the death take place on symmetrical maps – allowing for strategic gameplay – where four teams of three heroes fight for control over the Essence.

The Harvest is a fast paced, midcore shooter that is easy to play, but hard to master. Gameplay is skill based and focused on team-play, mobility and special abilities. One match lasts for 10 minutes and is based on elimination ladders. The team that has harvested the most Essence at the end of a match, wins.

Harvesting Essence can be done in several ways. Scattered across the map, according to preconceived patterns, you will find harvesting points known as hot spots. Standing near those hot spots in its area of effect will automatically let you harvest Essence until the source is depleted. However, what makes the extraction of Essence peculiar, is that the best way to conserve it, is through living tissue. This means that the fastest, but also more brutal way of gathering Essence is by harvesting the bodies of defeated heroes.

Another means of harvesting Essence is by killing AI creatures, that spawn randomly across the map, in PvE combat. The Essence you harvest will be stored in your base that is located in one of the corners of the map. Be aware, however, that other teams can assault your base and steal your hard-won Essence.

This is why it is important to strategically coordinate your team’s actions and get the most out of your heroes’ special abilities. To allow for extra strategic and tactical depth, you can make use of special NFT cards. These cards come in four different rarities and can be used indefinitely. When the cards are attached to your hero they will enhance your heroes abilities.

These NFT cards can mean the difference between losing or winning so be careful how you use them. Before the start of each match you can create a custom card loadout of 10 cards you can attach to your hero during a match. Based on your results, you can level your cards, even if you didn’t use them during the match and increase your chances of winning. Now, are you ready to Harvest?

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Become a landowner
Buy & sell NFTs on the marketplace
Mining & staking

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